VxRail 7.0.300 GA

What’s new in VxRail 7.0.300

VxRail software version 7.0.300 includes VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 3, VMware vSAN 7.0 Update 3 and VMware vCSA 7.0
Update 3a with support for external storage and introduction to satellite nodes.

New features

Operationalize the edge with VxRail satellite nodes:
You can deploy the E660, E660F, and V670F as single VMware vSphere nodes with no VMware vSAN to address VxRail edge deployments that require a smaller footprint. You can configure satellite nodes with an optional PowerEdge RAID controller to add resiliency for local disks. The satellite nodes are managed by a new or existing standard cluster with VMware vSAN running 7.0.300.

Control satellite nodes from a central location:
You can deploy a VxRail Manager VM that can control all satellite nodes from a centralized host management location in VMware vCenter. You can add, remove, and update satellite nodes from one access point using VxRail Manager.

Expanded storage option for VxRail dynamic nodes:
You can deploy VxRail dynamic nodes as part of a PowerFlex 2-layer architecture. Deploy VxRail dynamic nodes cluster as compute only node leveraging PowerFlex storage for hosting the workload VMs.

Protocol support for VxRail dynamic nodes:
NVMe-FC is supported with PowerStore and PowerMax storage arrays that are attached to dynamic nodes.

VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 3, VMware vSAN 7.0 U3, VMware vCSA 7.0 Update 3a support. The major changes for VxRail include:
Support upgrade of the VMware vSAN Witness Host (dedicated) in vLCM as part of the coordinated cluster remediation workflow for VMware vSAN 2-Node and Stretched Clusters.

  1. Stretched Cluster Enhancement to allow the ability to tolerate planned or unplanned downtime of a site and the witness in a stretched cluster deployment.
  2. Nest Fault Domain in a 2-node configuration
  3. Easy VMware vSAN cluster shutdown and start-up
  4. Upgrade note for VxRail with external storage

Source: https://dl.dell.com/content/docu98130

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