What’s new in vSAN 7.0

Yesterday, VMware announced the following new software .

  • VMware vSphere 7.0
  • VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0
  • VMware Tanzu

With the announcement of VMware vSphere 7.0, vSAN 7.0 has also become available.

An overview of new and enhanced functions.


  • Simplify Cluster Updates with vSphere Lifecycle Manager
  • Native File Services for vSAN
  • Deploy More Modern Applications on vSAN with Enhanced Cloud Native Storage


  • Integrated DRS awareness of Stretched Cluster configurations
  • Immediate repair operation after a vSAN Witness Host is replaced
  • Stretched Cluster I/O redirect based on an imbalance of capacity across sites
  • Accurate VM level space reporting across vCenter UI for vSAN powered VMs
  • Improved Memory reporting for ongoing optimization
  • Visibility of vSphere Replication objects in vSAN capacity views
  • Support for larger capacity devices
  • Native support for planned and unplanned maintenance with NVMe hotplug
  • Removal of Eager Zero Thick (EZT) requirement for shared disk in vSAN

The complete information can be found here:


What’s new in vSAN 7.0


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