Upgrade Aria Operations 8.12 to 8.14 fails

There is a known issue occurring with some Aria Ops upgrades from version 8.12 to 8.14. During the upgrade Aria Ops is hanging for some time and lose access to the Admin UI. The Admin UI does not come back. The issue is related due the Photon OS upgrade.

VMware Support has confirmed that Aria Ops 8.14 will be replaced shortly by Aria Ops 8.14 hotfix 1. Unlike the normal upgrade process, it will be possible to upgrade directly from Aria Ops 8.12 to 8.14 hotfix 1.

VMware Support’s advice is to wait a while before upgrading until Aria Ops 8.14 hotfix 1 is available.

Update November 22, 2023

Last night VMware released Aria Operations Upgrade PAK | 2023 | Build 22611353 . Read the complete release note here.

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